National School of Public Administration Degree Dissertations

Pandi Evagelia, Text and Context in Modern Art. The case of the National Mouseum of Modern Art. Presented 2007. National school of Public Administration (supervisor)

Diniakos Yiannis, Urban space and Historical Memory. The refugee-rise buildings of Aleaxandra Avenue. Presented 2006.National school of Public Administration (supervisor)

Medekidou Dimitra, Mnemonic Politics and Classical Antiquities. The Parthenon Marbles.  Presented 2005. National school of Public Administration (supervisor)

Kofos Asterios, Museum Education. Presented 2003. National school of Public Administration (supervisor)

Filiou Dimitra, The public concern for the Byzantine museums. Early Christian and Middle Byzantine churches of the historical center of Athens. Presented 2006 (advisor)

Katsika Vassiliki, Greek State and Mpdern Monuments. The politics of Misistry of Culture, 19th & 20th c.. Presented 2005. (advisor)

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