Armodios Tsivas, Didactics of History: The development of Children’s Historical thinking in traditional and electronic environment, Defended in 2010

Kyriaki Fardi, History and early childhood education: From the curricula to the practice.
Maria Stylianou, Teachers' role in the propagation of dominant national narration. Public and history in Eastern Macedonia, 1949-1974.
Georgios Makaratzis, The integration of multiperspectivity in history classroom. An action research in primary school (in progress)
Andreadou Chara, meets museum education: the case of the programs in Greek Modern and Contemporary History Museums (in progress)
Stella Kalle, Representations of 'ourselves' and of the 'other' in Greek and Turkish school textbooks of history and construction of national identities (primary school,1950-1974) (in progress)
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