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Pr. Maria Repoussi
History and History Education
Department of Social and Cultural Studies
School of Primary Education
Faculty of Education
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
University Campus, GR 54124, Thessaloniki, Greece

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Tel: +30 2310 995087, Fax: +30 2310 995083



PhD, History (University of Sorbonne I, Paris)
DEA, Political Sciences (University of Sorbonne I, Paris)
DEA, History (University of Sorbonne I, Paris)
Maitrise of History (University of Sorbonne IV, Paris)
Degree in History (University of Athens, Department of History and Archaeology)
Degree in French Philology (University of Athens, Department of French Philology)

Present Position

Professor of History and History Education, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Faculty of Education, School of Primary Education, Department of Social and Cultural Studies.

Other Professional Experience
2012-2014: MP for A’ Piraeus with Democratic Left
2008 – 2010: Coordinator of the Oral History Project of the Prefecture of Chania in collaboration with the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
1999- 2010: History Textbooks writer and editor of History Educational Material
2006-2007: Member of the Scientific Committee of the Educational Initiative for the Foundation of the Network for Schools Innovation.
2002-2006: Supervisor of degree dissertations at the National School of Public Administration
2005-2007: Coordinator of the National Network of Schools  for the Integration of Industrial Heritage to Education
1995-2005: Responsible for the in-service training programme for Primary school teachers concerning history teaching of the School of Primary Education of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
2004-2005: Coordinator of a series of TV History debates History, Sound and Image on ET1 [Greek state TV channel]
2004: Responsible for the Project Discovering my city  of the Mediterranean Centre of Architecture, (Chania, Crete)
1999-2004: Responsible for training in Local History of the Teachers Training MELINA project, Education and Culture.
1999-2000: Visiting professor in the post-graduate department of History Didactics in the University of Athens
1993-1999: Visiting assistant professor of Modern Greek history (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki)
1989-1999: Coordinator of research and educational programs activities on the Centre of Research and Studies in Women's Issues, DIOTIMA, (Athens, Greece)
1991-1994: Visiting professor of Modern Greek history (Department of Education for Primary Schools, University of Athens).
1991-1992: expert on Women's Studies European Program GRACE

 Teaching Experiences
(a) Didactics of History, (b) Didactics of Social Sciences, (c) Gender and History education, (d) History of Women's Liberation movements (e) Modern and Contemporary Greek and European History.

Research interests
(a) History of History Education, (b) Debates on History Education, (c) Gender and History education, (d) Formal and Informal Learning History environments,(e) History textbooks and other media and (f) History of Women's movements

Doctoral Thesis and post-graduated dissertations
La Grèce et la Turquie 1919-1923. Évolution et Rencontre à travers les avatars de la “Grande Idée”, Doctoral dissertation defended in 1988. University of Paris I-Sorbonne, Department of History of International Relations,  Supervisor : Professor Jean Baptiste Duroselle and Jacques Thobie
Les partis politiques grecs devant le changement de la dictature militaire en 1973. La “libéralisation” de la dictature des colonels et les différentes positions politiques, MA dissertation [DEA] presented in  1979. University of Paris I-Sorbonne, Department of Political sciences. Supervisor : Professor Maurice Duverger
Les relations franco-helléniques de 1958 à 1963 et le voyage du Général De Gaulle en Grèce. MA dissertation [Maitrise] presented in 1977. University of Paris IV-Sorbonne, Department of History. Supervisor: Professor Louis Girard

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